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Budapest 01
发布时间:2018-06-05    来源:美森别墅豪宅设计研究院     标签:建筑 摄影
Budapest 01

The details in my selection of photographs introducing the capital city may seem different from each other, but each of these series are covering a different topic. In Budapest 01, the chosen theme is "frog's-eye view", the bottom-up aspiration. In these photographs, I have deprived the buildings of their original function: I have broken them up into lines, shapes, and reconstructed them as abstract compositions.

The images can also be seen as further pieces of the 100-year-old Houses and the Air Corridor series, as I have continued with their original concepts, and sought out alternative locations to further work with them. However, the sky-reaching corridors of Budapest 01 are a bit different this time: while they are interconnected, each one has its own story and mood. This is why the series is so exciting to me: it requires complete immersion for true exploration, which rewards the viewer with the surprise of many unnoticed, tiny details.

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